tips to manage stress online
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  • You might not realise that you’re squeezing some muscles in your body. Only by relaxing your body, can you find yourself in a relaxed state. In this book by James Archer called Managing Stress and Anxiety, he says that a person cannot feel relaxed and stressed at the same time. If you’re not sure what you can do, you can try mindful breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, listening to music and a technique called the progressive muscle relaxation. These are some of the simplest ways to address stress, and they are quite easy to do too. I’ve tried some of them myself, and found them to be quite helpful. If you have other ways to relax the body, feel free to share them with me and I’ll add them to this section.
  • As our lives become increasingly connected (particularly online), we forget to take a break. We slowly grow disconnected from our environment. Have you ever wondered what it was like before social media existed? Let me tell you, because I remember - life was still enjoyable and meaningful. We still found ways to stay connected. Perhaps, there really is no immediate reason to be on social media all the time, other than our inherent impulse and need to want to stay continuously connected in a digital age. One way to control your consumption of digital content is to always ask yourself — why do you need to be online at this very moment? How will reading this help my mental and emotional state right now? I’ve found that these questions help me limit my screen time. It’s also helped me regulate the hours I spend online, thus helping me filter out information that is most probably unhelpful for my state of well-being. What are your thoughts about this? I’d love to hear why you use social media, and how you manage your time spent on it.
  • Do you regularly think about the consequences of posting information on social media? Are you sharing information that may be detrimental to your friends or is it helpful? I understand how we sometimes get very excited and eager to share our thoughts. I experience that too! While we don’t think much of it, it is very possible that you might share something that can hurt other people’s feelings, especially when you are upset. Even if it’s written as a joke, sarcasm and humour can be very subjective as others may not be able to understand your point of view in its literal sense, and may perceive it as something else. Maybe it is time to consider the first two tips?



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