An Honest Guide to Walking The Line of Passion (and Purpose) — Six Years Later

passion and purpose, and all that drives you.
Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

2012–2015: The Years That Were

2012 was a truly life changing year. But then again, so was 2020. And I suspect, perhaps 2021 too.

1. Passion alone isn’t going to get you through it all. People do.

It’s good to keep passion at the forefront, but never overuse this word with clients or people you meet. I cringe every time I hear someone say, “I am so passionate about xyz, and that’s why I want to work in bla bla bla.

2. Not everyone will understand your journey, even in 2021.

This was a big one in 2012. And I think, it still rings true today.

3. Creativity doesn’t have boundaries. Don’t limit yourself to a self-imposed box (or circle or rectangle).

This point here, is something I am learning again. In 2012, I made the serious mistake of limiting creativity to only photography when I started. It really made me lose out on a lot of opportunities.

4. Passion requires persistence. So does remembering your purpose.

Trust me, doing it alone (or with a business partner) means you’ll face many long nights and days alone. Like I mentioned, there’ll be days where you’d just want to give up and go back to what was safe and comfortable. I consciously chose to leave a five-figure salary to slum it out while the world came to a perpetual standstill. There would be days where you’d question your decision, and doubt if it was actually the right one. Persist. Trust that this journey is meant to open up a world of endless creative possibilities for you, whatever that may be. See the difficulties as stepping stones to learn and grow.

Some parting thoughts

I’m still a long way from mastering anything worth shouting about on passion and purpose. Unsurprisingly, purpose has been an underlying factor to everything I have ever done in my life. Former bosses and colleagues will tell you how I relentlessly ask WHY. Some may hate you for it, but do it anyway. Because getting clear about your why makes all the difference; both in life and work.



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