What Tibetan Monks Taught Me About Letting Go

Letting go is not as easy as saying it out aloud. Lessons from Tibetan monks taught me what it takes.

Lesson #1 — Letting go because nothing is permanent

The past few months have affected me in some ways, and I refused to acknowledge that until recently. Holding on to the past has been a day-to-day pastime for me, i.e. fantasising the what-ifs and the injustice I’ve had to experience. My expectations of the world were not realistic and that would fuel my anger because why shouldn’t the world become what I want it to be? I blamed the world for my problems, but never once did I ever try to understand that perhaps there was a fundamental problem at play.

Lesson #2 — Letting go requires practice and discipline

The art of letting go is not only about shifting mindset, but practising this constant shifting whenever the mind is interrupted by these negative thoughts.



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